Stickers designed for the elements

Stickers are an efficient way to market your brand or company.

Stickers are a value for money, tangible product that appeal directly to your target market. Some people stick them on their cars, school books, caravans, fridges or bikes; others collect them. Stickers advertise, build brand awareness, support projects or promotions and can also make a profitable, stand-alone product.

We specialise in printing stickers for companies that have team riders in the surf and snow industries. Stickers need to be made using the correct materials if you are to sticker them to surfboards, skis and snowboards in water and extreme temperatures.


Don't know what sort of stickers you want?

When looking at a sticker, it is very hard to tell how it has been produced, especially to the untrained eye. The most cost effective way depends on the usage, design, number of colours and production run. Once we have discussed your requirements we will advise you on the best printing options and price value.


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We produce stickers for Quiksilver, Rip Curl, Great Ocean Road Tourism, Patagonia, Mt Buller and Hurley among others, so we know how to make stickers stay on at the snow, and in the surf, in extreme temperatures. We know branding.