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  Australia is our passion


Our company was born and bred at Bells Beach, Torquay, the start of the Great Ocean Road.


We are active travellers who love the spirit of adventure, whether it’s for business or pleasure. Australian souvenirs created by e3 Products offer people a tangible item that can invoke a special memory of an Australian destination, town, people, or animals - especially the koala and kangaroo - and our quirky Aussie culture.



The act of travelling encourages us to think outside the box; explore the country, visit places you have dreamed of, and choose a unique Australian souvenir to keep your memories alive.

People are the best version of themselves when they are travelling. Happy, on holidays or visiting for business, they are open to meeting new people and trying new things. Our motivation for manufacturing souvenirs that remain useful upon returning home, is to serve as a positive reminder of the frame of mind you achieved whilst travelling. As Australian souvenir manufacturers and sticker producers, we travel the world in order to develop the best Aussie souvenirs, cool stickers, new materials and products that will become the next best seller and give visitors something to remember us by.


We love souvenirs that are useful, quirky, Australian themed and environmentally friendly.

We are Australian; we love our country, places, people and national animals, (especially the Koala and Kangaroo!). So whether you are a visitor or a local, Australia has something for everyone, and we have the souvenirs and stickers to match. E3 Products has achieved FSC accreditation, and actively works towards improving manufacturing processes and reducing packaging in our pursuit of developing recyclable and renewable souvenirs.


Our Customers

Exploring Australia and enjoyed your stay? Take home some of our best Australian souvenirs; they will serve as a lasting reminder of your precious time ‘downunder’ every time you use it.

Travelling overseas for school, business or a holiday? Before you jet off to visit international relatives or delegates, or attend your next corporate event, take a moment to select the right gifts that will leave the best impression. Taking truly memorable, high quality Australian gifts and souvenirs to express your appreciation to those you engage with, will play a big part in leaving a lasting and meaningful reminder of your visit.