Koala Sandwich Cutter

Koala Sandwich Cutter


Here's how to get the kids to eat their lunch! This little koala bread cutter makes sandwiches fun again. Designed to get the most out of your sandwich, these koala shaped sandwich cutters are easy to use and, as with all e3 Products, are BPA free, mercury free and of course kid friendly.

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Your ice cube trays feature Koala, Kangaroo and Map of Australia shapes and can be used to brighten up your drinks. Or, get creative and use them to make cookies, chocolate or jelly moulds. Drinks and desserts will never be the same, kids (and kids at heart) will love them. Have some ready in the freezer for your next party!

Made from food grade silicone, these Australian-themed ice cube trays are non-stick, flexible and easy to clean.

Safe to use in freezers and dishwashers with a temperature range of -30C - 220C.