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What's New - Koala Tea Pot

Australia is our passion. We love products that are useful and environmentally friendly. We are always striving to create new and functional products that combine our love of this country and our love of enjoying the simple things in life. Our latest product launch complements our lifestyle, and whether you're at work, home or away, everyone loves sitting down to a nice hot cuppa with a sweet bikkie (or 3!). 

From our Australian souvenirs range comes this gorgeous Ceramic Koala Tea Pot - use me as a functional tea pot or as an ornament on your shelf at home.

Tea for one? Sporting all the features of our favourite Australian icon, this cute and cuddly looking 500ml koala tea pot will keep you company with every pour. With delightful smiling facial features and an adorable pot belly, this loveable character will make for perfect solo sipping or gifted to a loved one.  

Round and funky, our curvy teapot is made from ceramic dolomite which gives it a smooth silky texture, and has a handle, spout and lid that are sure to brighten up any tea party. 

It is functional, fun and durable and it's brilliant design will bring a smile to your dial every time you see it. Imagine pouring tea from this gorgeous tea pot for your best friend, or to a bunch of gleeful kids? Everyone will want another round of cuppa's! Bring a little more character to your morning tea - this glossy ceramic pot comes presented in a recycled cardboard gift box, and would make a quirky gift idea for a great friend (or a special something for yourself)! 

A teaspoon of honey is good in any language...

A teaspoon of honey is good in any language...

And why not add a teaspoon of Koala Bee Honey to sweeten your tea? Or try another arvo tea accessory like our Koala Tea Infuser to infuse your tea time with fun! Simply add your favourite tea to the infuser, place in a mug of hot water, and enjoy a perfectly steeped beverage.

Head on over to e3 Products to explore the new Koala Tea Pot, and our complete range of Australian-themed gift ideas. 


the e3 crew

Share the love, where you live...

Let's face it, we are incredibly lucky to live in Australia. No matter where you are, in the city, suburbs, coast or country, there's always a special place you can getaway that brings you a sense of peace, reflection or inspiration. While some people go ga-ga for Valentine's Day, showering lovers with gifts and sentimental cards, why not try something different this year by inviting your valentine to share in your special place. Invite your partner to the place that makes your heart beat faster (or slower..), and give them the gift of getting to know you even better.

keep it simple...

keep it simple...

Sit on a rooftop overlooking the city lights, or take a train to a lesser-known part of town.. take a hike to find a waterfall or trek into the forest to lie beneath a centuries-old giant... Find your zen at a lake in the 'burbs, or paddle a SUP along your river to show your partner a different perspective of home... Drive to that spectacular lookout for a sensational sunset, and notice the intriguing things that make your local so special - share the love, where you live. 

Wishing you V Day love as you explore your surroundings, engage with who you love and enjoy your special day,

the e3 Crew

Liven up their Lunchbox!

School's back across Australia, and we usually hit the ground running with fresh enthusiasm and zest for the new year after a long summer break. Most parents are (quietly) happy to see their kids head off to the classroom and reinstate the routine that's been missing since late December. We all start off with the best of intentions when packing our little (& big) one's lunchboxes, every morsel loving packed into a plethora of compartments, and separated in today's bento-box-style containers. But let's be honest, the weeks become long and some days the cupboard is bare and a little bit of imagination will go a long way in making lunch look appetising.

Enter stage left, our Koala Sandwich Cutter - the device that gets kids to eat their lunch! This little koala bread cutter makes sandwiches fun again and irresistible to the fussiest eater. Designed to get the most out of your sandwich, and reduce any wastage, these cutters are easy to use and as with all e3 Products, they are BPA free, mercury free and of course kid friendly (they might even prepare their own lunch!). 

When the cupboard is all but bare, reach for the ever trusty Koala Bee Eucalyptus Honey and you've got your sandwich contents sorted. Guaranteed to be eaten, even the crusts ;) And, you know your kids are eating a 100% organic pure Australian product that contains probiotics for gut health, and no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. Coughs and colds circulating at school? Give the kids a teaspoon of honey to reduce sore throats and ease a cough. Read more about how honey offers increased antioxidant levels on our website. Did you know we donate 5% of the sale of this honey to Save The Bees and the Koala Foundation? It's a win, win. 

Kids won't eat sandwiches? Try offering them soba noodles, sushi or leftover fried rice (older kids can even manage a hot thermos with chicken noodle soup or laksa). Make it irresistible and a novelty by adding a set of our Kangaroo or Koala Chopsticks! Their meals are sure to taste better when they're having this much fun at lunch time! 

Our Australian Egg & Pancake Shapes are another great idea to present food in a kid-friendly way. Try making up a batch of pikelets on Sunday, ready for school lunches (they freeze well too!) or whip up funny, yummy eggs on toast in koala and kangaroo shapes for a quick, simple dinner on the days you all get home late.. Weekends are made for Buttermilk Pancakes (these ones from My Beach Kitchen are amazing), and the kids (and kids at heart) will love them. An easy to use handle makes picking these shapes up a breeze. These make a great gift idea for busy families.

We hope you've enjoyed reading our tips for lunchbox fun, stay strong in Term 1 :)

The e3 Crew.


Ice, Ice, Baby

All across Australia, the heat is on. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the long, hot summer on Australia's east coast is going to stretch well into Autumn, with more warm weather forecast until the end of April. Heatwaves are sweeping the nation, so what better time to share our favourite ways to beat the heat.

Have some Ice Cube Trays ready in the freezer for tomorrow, and to quench your guests' thirst at your next party! Made from food grade silicone, these Australian-themed ice cube trays are non-stick, flexible and easy to clean. Brighten up your drinks with 4 of our designs, featuring iconic Aussie Koalas, Kangaroos, Map of Australia shapes or a 3 in 1 mould option if you can't choose a favourite. Or, get creative and use them to make cookies, chocolate or jelly moulds. Drinks and desserts will never be the same, kids (and kids at heart) will love them. 

Don't forget the animals, both domestic and native. Ensure you always leave out multiple water bowls (weighted down even better) in shaded places for your dog or pet, so they always have access to fresh water while you're out. Even better, freeze some treats inside an ice-cream container the day before, providing a longer lasting game for your dog to lick and play with to get the hidden reward, while staying cool. On hot days, all animals will seek water and shade. So let's not forget about our Aussie insects, birds, frogs and reptiles, plus echidnas, koalas, wallabies, kangaroos, possums and yes, even ssssssnakes.. placing shallow bowls of water in your yard will help keep all creatures great and small hydrated.

If a trip to the beach or river, lake or creek isn't possible where you are, there's plenty more options to keep your cool. Who can resist the sheer delight of running through a sprinkler on the lawn, a dip in an inflatable kiddy pool, or all hell breaking loose in a massive water fight?! 

kids water fight.jpg

We hope you're having a great summer! Stay cool,

the e3 Crew