Liven up their Lunchbox!

School's back across Australia, and we usually hit the ground running with fresh enthusiasm and zest for the new year after a long summer break. Most parents are (quietly) happy to see their kids head off to the classroom and reinstate the routine that's been missing since late December. We all start off with the best of intentions when packing our little (& big) one's lunchboxes, every morsel loving packed into a plethora of compartments, and separated in today's bento-box-style containers. But let's be honest, the weeks become long and some days the cupboard is bare and a little bit of imagination will go a long way in making lunch look appetising.

Enter stage left, our Koala Sandwich Cutter - the device that gets kids to eat their lunch! This little koala bread cutter makes sandwiches fun again and irresistible to the fussiest eater. Designed to get the most out of your sandwich, and reduce any wastage, these cutters are easy to use and as with all e3 Products, they are BPA free, mercury free and of course kid friendly (they might even prepare their own lunch!). 

When the cupboard is all but bare, reach for the ever trusty Koala Bee Eucalyptus Honey and you've got your sandwich contents sorted. Guaranteed to be eaten, even the crusts ;) And, you know your kids are eating a 100% organic pure Australian product that contains probiotics for gut health, and no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours. Coughs and colds circulating at school? Give the kids a teaspoon of honey to reduce sore throats and ease a cough. Read more about how honey offers increased antioxidant levels on our website. Did you know we donate 5% of the sale of this honey to Save The Bees and the Koala Foundation? It's a win, win. 

Kids won't eat sandwiches? Try offering them soba noodles, sushi or leftover fried rice (older kids can even manage a hot thermos with chicken noodle soup or laksa). Make it irresistible and a novelty by adding a set of our Kangaroo or Koala Chopsticks! Their meals are sure to taste better when they're having this much fun at lunch time! 

Our Australian Egg & Pancake Shapes are another great idea to present food in a kid-friendly way. Try making up a batch of pikelets on Sunday, ready for school lunches (they freeze well too!) or whip up funny, yummy eggs on toast in koala and kangaroo shapes for a quick, simple dinner on the days you all get home late.. Weekends are made for Buttermilk Pancakes (these ones from My Beach Kitchen are amazing), and the kids (and kids at heart) will love them. An easy to use handle makes picking these shapes up a breeze. These make a great gift idea for busy families.

We hope you've enjoyed reading our tips for lunchbox fun, stay strong in Term 1 :)

The e3 Crew.


Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi! It's our time to celebrate all that is great about Australia, and what better way to kick it off than with this famous chant often performed by crowds at Australian sporting events, uniting to support a team or athlete. Go on, sing it out loud, you can't help but feel fired up - and at it's best the cheer represents "enthusiasm for the tribe" and a "celebration of 'us'." 

Wave Australia Sticker - Actual size of Wave W20cm x H5cm.

Wave Australia Sticker - Actual size of Wave W20cm x H5cm.

At the heart of it, that's what e3 Products is all about too - creating products that allow people to commemorate a great Australian place or experience and share it with the world. The simple act of putting a customised Postcode Sticker or Aussie flag sticker on your car, shows where you're from and highlights your sense of belonging in the world and where you call home. Be proud and patriotic, rock the Aussie gear on Jan 26th and beyond, and be sure to check out our range of quality e3 souvenirs. 

We hope you're having an awesome day, wherever you're hanging out today, or perhaps you've booked a long weekend to Explore a new place, Engage with the locals and Enjoy the great outdoors. Happy Australia Day! Oi, Oi, Oi!

Kombi Australia Sticker   - Actual size of Kombi W8cm x H10cm.

Kombi Australia Sticker  - Actual size of Kombi W8cm x H10cm.

Iconically Aus

There are few national events as iconic as the Melbourne Cup, and last week it was again run and won. At e3 HQ, we even had the buzz of knowing some of the local owner's of winning horse Almandin in our hometown of Torquay, and that's probably the closest we'll ever get to the epicentre of the race! As iconically Australian as Vegemite, Phar Lap and the Great Ocean Road, the Melbourne Cup is part of our culture - we love celebrating everything about Australia's DNA, and sharing that with the world.

There's nowhere else in the world like Australia; The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road.

There's nowhere else in the world like Australia; The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road.

Australia attracts millions of visitors annually from across the globe, and us 'locals' have a good habit of travelling within our land too and playing 'tourist'. We immerse ourselves in other's backyards, finding 'beauty rich and rare' in new places that form a tapestry of memories of this land we call home. As Australian's, we can only imagine what experiences, snap shots and memories our international guests take home with them of their stay here too.

After a breathtaking experience exploring Australia's sights and scenes, take home one of these  Waterballs  to remind you of your fun times exploring Australia.

After a breathtaking experience exploring Australia's sights and scenes, take home one of these Waterballs to remind you of your fun times exploring Australia.

Can you imagine the impressions that are made by seeing stunning natural environments like the Great Barrier Reef or iconic landmarks like the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Or sighting our national Australian animals like koalas, kangaroos and wombats in the great outdoors or a wildlife park? We have a diversity of landscapes that are unrivalled and we know there's nowhere in the world like Australia. Our range of Australian souvenir products represent our unique environment, and remind people of the places they visit and adventures they've experienced. So whether you are a visitor or a local, we've got something for everyone. 

Head on over to e3 Products to explore our complete range of iconically Aussie gift ideas. 


the e3 crew

E3 Products Blog is Live!

Hello! Welcome to e3 Products' first ever blog post - we are now live!

So what can you expect to hear from us? We're excited to bring you the latest 'e3 Products With Passion' Product Releases, News, and Events. We will share Design Insights, our latest Press, and even showcase the best of our favourite Aussie Destinations - all designed to encourage you to explore, engage and enjoy all that this magnificent country has to offer. 

The act of travelling encourages us to think outside the box; explore the country and visit places you have dreamed of, engage with the local cultures, and most importantly enjoy yourself. These are the times that you remember, and ours are the products and souvenirs that you will enjoy taking home as a keepsake, to help you remember your precious time.

Keep travelling,

from the team at e3 (explore, engage, enjoy).